Dishwashers 2013

Best Dishwasher 2013

A dishwasher can cost you anywhere between $350 and $2,000 for some luxury stuff. Having said that, it’s important to stress that top stuff does not necessarily have top price.

It’s all about performance when it comes to dishwashing, crystal clear dishes is an ultimate goal. On top of that, fancy extras like high-end exterior or digital displays can be often found in low-cost models nowadays. This ultimate guide will navigate you to the best purchase ever.

First, make up your mind on what you’re willing to sacrifice. Are you willing to pay a little extra, or maybe you’re ready to tolerate a little higher noise level?

Conventional dishwashers are a low-cost solution, but they are usually a little louder and require permanent space in your kitchen. There are several models that perform no worse than high-end in-sink dishwashers though, and they are a smart purchase on a budget.

In-sink models are placed under the sink. This is top stuff when it comes to modern dishwashing. They usually have all fancy extras, including touchpad controls and steel elements. The only huge drawback is the cost. Expect prices to start at $2,000.

As soon as you define your price range, look for these performance drivers:

  • Energy efficiency is one of the most important features of all dishwashers. Dishwashers are designed to wash the dishes in an economical way. The one that costs less, but uses more water and energy, can turn out to be more expensive in a long run. A more expensive model can be more energy efficient, which will drag its running costs down.
  • Often models of the same price range may have quite different capabilities. Choose a model that has stainless-steel elements in it over the one that uses light-colored plastic instead. They resist staining better and thus drive possible maintenance costs down.
  • Touchpad controls are high-end but can be often found in the budget models, too. They surely add style.

Hope this information will help you to decide which dishwasher to purchase.

Samsung DMT800RHS

Designers of the Samsung DMT800RHS have used quality components and have packed it with the features that are needed to cope with a diverse and large workload.

This Samsung DMT800RHS has 6 cycles’ selection and also includes Quick Wash option. It provides a number of cycle options such as Normal, Heavy/Pots and Pan, Delicates and China/Crystal and more. The option of the Delay Start is also available. This Dishwasher is controlled with the touch screen panel with LED readout. Besides this dishwasher model has the following features: 2-stage filtration, food disposer, intense heat sanitizing mode, condensing dryer, cancel and drain.

Comparing with other dishwashers of its class the Samsung DMT800RHS comes in white or black stainless steel to match any kitchen decor. A disposer that is built-in, adjustable dish spaces and stainless steel tub are definite properties of this model. Warranty is given on the stainless steel tub and door liner (lifetime guarantee), circuit racks and board (5 years), and all other labor and parts (1 year).

But still the setting capacity of the Samsung Dishwasher is 14 places only comparing to units with the setting capacity up to 16 place settings. Besides this model is rather noisy (up to 49 decibels), while other similar models are usually under 45 decibels.

Bosch SHE55M15UC

Bosch Dishwasher model SHE55M15UC is produced with a number of characteristics that make its installation easy and save on the usage of power and water. The stainless steel tub of this dishwasher is durable and tough. It is rather quiet (47 decibels). A half load option is convenient for light loads. Triple filtration system precludes mixing the dishwasher water with food leftovers. Families with small children appreciate the child lock system which prevents unwanted circle changes. With NSF-certified washing option all plates will be bacteria-free. Multi-functioning LED indicates the time remaining. Smaller loads may be washed with the Quick Wash option, which is for every day use as dishes are clean in 30 minutes.

Among the advantages of Bosch SHE55M15UC is its size. The unit may be fitted under any height and type of countertop due to adjustable feet. It also saves the amount of used water and power. And it needs a small amount of detersive as well. To wash milk bottles Sanitize Option may be used.

But there are no interior lights in this Bosch SHE55M15UC. The load sensor also does not have interior lights, which are present in earlier Bosch models. Besides, there are no variable pressure option, mezzanine rack and ADA-compliance.

Electrolux EDW7505HSS

Electrolux Dishwasher EDW7505HSS makes any kitchen look modern due to its stainless steel interior and stylish exterior. This dishwasher is enwrapped with the Sound Insulation Package that reduces its sound to whispering. A digital display on the upper face of the door gives an opportunity to control Electrolux EDW7505HSS conveniently. This display is very easy to use.

Stemware holders and adjustable tines are included in a versatile racking system. A tall-tub is designed for maximal flexibility and capacity. Removable and adjustable top rack is used to wash large items. Delay Start option, NSF certified rinse, wash in high temperature and water filtration are also important and useful features of the Electrolux dishwasher EDW7505HSS.

However, Electrolux EDW7505HSS is not equipped with hard food disposal, though it is an important item. Sometimes dishes are not dry after the washing process. The setting capacity of this dishwasher is only 12 places. Child lock setting is not provided. Electrolux EDW7505HSS has 5 cycles selection, but Quick Wash setting is not provided in this model. Besides, lack of china/crystal washing setting and heavy duty wash option are noticed.


GE GLD5868VSS is very modern and stylish, so it may fit any kitchen. This dishwasher is equipped with 5-stage filtration and hard food disposer so that dishes are all clean after the washing process. The special option permits to clean silverware as well as possible. There is no need to soak and pre-rinse dishes as the Steam PreWash setting loosens soils before any cycle.

In order to ensure clean dishes and maximize energy savings the Auto wash cycle is used. Besides, there is no need to dry dishes with towels as there is the heated dry option that effectively dries dishes. SanyWash cycle provides high temperature rinse that reduces bacteria and sanitizes dishes. The GE dishwasher model GLD5868VSS notifies about completing the load with the audible end-of-cycle signal. This dishwasher also has a setting capacity of 16 places.

On the other hand, it is worth noticing that this dishwasher is not so quiet. While other models of its class are under 45 decibels, this dishwasher is up to 55 decibels. Besides, the delay start option is not so long (2, 4, 8 hours) and sometimes it is rather confusing. One more disadvantage is that GE GLD5868VSS does not clean dishes thoroughly and cycles are too long.

KitchenAid KUDE40FXSS

The dishwasher KitchenAid of KUDE40FXSS model is very stylish to match any special kitchen. It looks very attractive. The height of this device is adjustable, so that it may fit any countertop. Unyielding musses may be cleaned professionally using the ProScrub Option with 35 powerful spray jets. In order to provide good cleaning performance ProWash Cycle makes necessary time adjustments and determination the appropriate cycle for every loading.

The Sound Insulation System makes KitchenAid KUDE40FXSS whisper (46 decibels) and your home will be quiet during the washing process. An upper rack may be raised or lowered offering many convenient places for cleaning dishes. This KitchenAid dishwasher model KUDE40FXSS offers 5 cycle selections and 6 cycle options including Normal cycle, Light/China cycle, Pots and Pans cycle. Besides, it is convenient to use One hour Wash cycle and 4 hour Delay Wash option for everyday usage.

Among the disadvantages of this dishwasher poor quality of leaking and rust problem should be mentioned. Some users also notice that KitchenAid KUDE40FXSS drying is not sufficient; cycles are too long and load awkwardly. Families with small children are not recommended to purchase this model as a Child Lock option is not provided.